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Love and Race Cars

Saturday, September 9, 2023


We all need love and we all deserve it but finding it can become a very testing journey. No one wants to be alone and being single might be one of the hardest things to cope with in life. However having the right person by your side can turn the darkest nights into the brightest days. 

There is a person out there for you but you will not find that person without effort. Luckily for singles technology has made it easier, safer and cheaper to look for love in all the wrong places.

Luckily for Car Lovers, we found the right place for you! Thats right! Love and Race Cars is the only dating app that connects Car enthusiasts with matches guaranteed to have something in common. No matter who you match with you can rest assure they would love a road trip. drive in movie or seeing a car show.

The app is now available for download in your favorite app store. It's brand new so that means less competition. The app is free, your already ready to break the ice.... lol .... just take about cars lol! The stars are finally aligned for you, all you have to swipe right , shoot your shot and don't blow it! 

Dating Apps really do work! Queen Meladee and I actually met on a dating App and less than 2 years later we have grown into podcasts partners and so much more. We would love to hear about your connections and all of you are invited to share your story on our podcast, especially if you match on Love and Race Cars since we shined the spotlight on them in episode 34 of our podcast.

Download the app, find them online on facebook or instagram, remember it's free and if your single you might as well spin the wheel of fortune and get your heart racing again. Just don't forget to invite us to the wedding!  

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Veteran Rockers Podcast

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Today I wanted to share a new podcast that could help you unwind after a long day. Maybe on the ride home from work, while cooking a well deserved dinner or while soaking in the long overdue jacuzzi. I know what its like. I'm a little overwhelmed myself... trying to grow a podcast, build an internet radio station, manage my clients, artists, kids and more. That is exactly why I am taking the time today to let you know about another podcast worth listening to.

The Veterans Rockers Podcast is a nostalgic breath of fresh air. Hosted and narrated by Mike Fox the podcast focuses on Classic Rockers we not only remember but yearn to know more about. Mike talks about their wild stories, famous cuts, b-sides and new unheard tracks. 

We liked the podcast so much Queen Meladee and I mentioned the podcast in Episode 33 of our very own podcast. So if you are already caught up with the Mind of Meladik podcast and you have time for another awesome upload... we encourage the real ones to go check out and support the Veterans Rockers Podcast. It's Exclusively on Spotify and you must be a Spotify Premium Members to listen to the whole episode. Thats how you know its special. Maybe even good enough for a podcast of the year nomination. Don't forget to tell them who sent ya, we are trying to get on their Christmas list HaHaHa.

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Pure Bred Rottweilers

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Welcome back loved ones. It's been awhile but Queen Meladee and I finally finished the new recording studio Downtown Riverside. We are ready to interview local artists, athletes and small business spotlights. Today I wanted to introduce you to our newest friends on my blog because I just couldn't wait for the podcast interview.

I found out one of Queen Meladee's friends has a local family owned business and I thought it would be perfect to share it with my network and community. Von Ed Hause Rottweilers specializes in pure breed puppies. So often you hear horror stories about a family getting a puppy for Christmas only to find the puppy unhealthy or even stolen. So I am excited to share with everyone a safe, legal and local family company you can trust. If you are looking for a Rottweiler, you have to consider our friends.

These pups are pure, AKC tested, legal and registered. Cared for properly with the passion each pup deserves. We talked about the Family business on the most recent episode of our podcast. Feel free to follow Von ED Hause or use the contact info below and don't forget to Check out episode 26 until we get a chance to interview the company to learn more.

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Pips Cabo TakeOver

Saturday, November 5, 2022

 What's up Family... Just had to take a quick moment to blog about the 3rd annual PIPs Cabo TakeOver. The first two parties were such a success, the Takeover had to return for round 3.  On June 8th, 2023 San Jose Del Cabo will go from an ordinary paradise to Heaven on Earth as the City turns up for the entire weekend.

Book a deep sea fishing excursion in waters that attract anglers from all over the globe. Spend a day on world-class golf courses with breathtaking ocean views. Get out on the water on a charter boat, and go snorkeling. Other fun activities like jet skiing, horseback riding, camel rides, Whether you’re seeking family-friendly activities or a night out for two, Los Cabos has the activities that are sure to spark your excitement. While enjoying PIPS Cabo Takeover, don’t hesitate to step foot outside of the resort and try something new. After all, this is your vacation getaway!

We recently talked about the event on our podcast, soon we will be adding a radio commercial on Melodic Playground Radio... the word is getting out so this event will be sold out well before June 8th, so don't wait to long to book your spot. Hopefully Queen Meladee gets healthy enough for us to attend but until then we will be telling everyone about the opportunity.

Be sure to Follow PIPs on Instgram - https://www.instagram.com/partyinpalmsprings 
and dont forget to check out the official website  -  https://cabotakeover.com for more information and updates.
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Pacifier City Cards

Friday, October 7, 2022


Everything is online these days! If it exists there is a website or maybe even an app for that. Music, collectibles and Now Thanks to Pacifier City Cards you can even find the perfect greeting card for any occasion. That's Right, PacifierCityCards.com specializes in providing the best birthday card or holiday card for children of all ages.

These greeting cards are unlike any of the cards you may find in local stores. They are unique, fully designed with fun graphics and interactive games, mazes and more. Some may come as a mini coloring book or with a brain teasing word search. They are all age appropriate and include your child's name, age and custom message for the occasion.

The best part is the characters that resemble your child or even the whole family. Pacifier City Cards has a library of characters they can insert into a card for you.  It's a FREE service they offer.  You can really be creative with the flexible options and turn these Cards into special memories. Their Cards for kids are played with, not thrown in the trash... get your money worth, right?

I know greeting cards are a traditional must for any occasion and we are always trying to find the perfect way to show that special someone we care. So make sure that message is saved, remembered and even bragged about. A classy card that is just as awesome as the kid your getting it for.

Check out the links below and be sure to follow Pacifier City so you can give them a chance next time you want to make that special someone smile.

Give the best card that you can give!

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Draftkings NFT Reignmakers

Tuesday, September 6, 2022


Most are you who actually follow my blog or podcast know by now that I own shares in Draftkings. I begun a Roth IRA and DKNG is my #1 holding. I have been playing fantasy sports for almost a decade and I see how much rake Draftkings makes everyday. I thought $30 a share was a great deal and knew I was right when it spiked to $60 before the recent crash. The stock prices are even cheaper now and may drop even further due to the economy. However the best time to buy is when blood is in the streets and even with the pandemic, economy, war... etc DKNG has showed that it is going to continue to make money. The recent addition to the Draftkings platform should help propel these company to S&P 500.

DraftKings took the new technology idea known as Non Fungable Tokens ( NFT)  and combined it with Fantasy Football, so you can now compete in DFS with your NFTs. Your first core pack is FREE. Thats right!, as long as you have a Draftkings account your first pack is free. After you open your pack you analyze your team and figure out a way to make it better. You can rip open brand new packs or you can purchase players on the marketplace.

Collect as many players as you can. Build as many teams as you can. There is no entry fee for the fantasy football contests, your card is your entry fee and your only allowed to enter one contest with each card. Each week DK will feature over a million in cash and prizes so use your cards accordingly.

I already play DFS ... and I have collected a few NFT's so I am extremely excited to be an early adopter of this new game. Im hoping being early enough gives me an edge but at the end of the day we know what could happen any given sunday. Check back in with me in a few months and we can evaluate my progess.

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Get Well Meladee

Monday, August 29, 2022


Its been almost 3 months since Meladee was herself. it really started early June but it wasn't until June 23rd that I first took her to the hospital. Meladee had actually taken a day off from work to go visit the county clerk's office and get our official business licsense. Instead we ended up at Kaiser Urgent Care in Riverside.

I waited patiently in the lobby while Meladee went to the back with the nurse, she came out shortly and The 1st trip to urgent care concluded with the Doctors diagnosing her with Migraines and a prescription for Triptan. They didnt test her for preganancy, they didnt test her for std's, they didnt even test her for covid. It felt like the fast food version of health care.

 The 2nd trip to hospital had similiar results but with a different diagnosis of sinus infection and for some reason they still didnt test her for covid, std's or pregnancy. The 3rd visit ended up with a covid diagnosis and Meladee spent the time at her mom's house on bed rest... taking way too many pain killers for the body aches. The 4th visit was said to be long term covid.

It wasnt until the 5th trip to the hospital that the doctors begun to actually be concerned and finally that gave her other tests such as an MRI. however the first MRI didnt reveal anything.. it was the 6th trip, 2nd MRI and the 7th diagnosis when the medical staff begun to understand her medical condition.

Meladee has a fungus in her brain. it undetermined how or when she contracted it but it has cause her to lose brain function, her vison and the ability to even walk straight. Its killing me emotionally... and could literally be killing her. Trying to survive life, her family and this stress has been a difficult and heart breaking journey and I dont know if we are going to make it. At this point  her health is the most important thing and im trying to be there for her.

I talked about it in recent episodes of the podcast... AJ made a guest appearance to TRY and fill Meladee's void but things are not the same without the Queen. Check out the episode and stay tuned for more updates. Stay up and be safe!

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Thetan Arena vs Fortnite

Friday, June 10, 2022


If your a gamer, crypto nerd or just trying to dabble in NFTs, you are going to love this post. If you happen to fall in all 3 categories then you better make a donation of add me to the Christmas list because this is the type of info that could change your life. NFTs are the talk of the Blockchain. Crypto is changing the world and now matter what happens gamers want to game.

For me it started with pacman, pong, donkey kong and it grew into Sonic, Madden and then came Fornite in 2017. After listening to Dan Patrick take about Lebron James staying up all night to play the same Game my son was raving about.... I had to give it shot. Instantly I was hooked. It literally is like Hunger Games and ever since finding the game I have dreamed about the opportunity to play a virtual reality version with real money on the line.

We are not quite there but we have taken the next sgtep and everyday we are getting closer to my dream becoming a reality. Today we have Blockchain NFT Play to Earn games like Thetan Arena that give us an opportunity to earn real assets while playing a video game you love.

Millions around the globe currently own various Fortnite in game items like Skins, Gliders and even special dance moves. On the block chain these same in game items are called NFTs and digital assets. Unlike Fortnite where Epic games refuses to allow gamers to resale these in game items... block chain games like Thetan Arena allow you to not only earn these NFTs and Crypto but additional rewards that have a real life monetary value.

We all know most video games cost close to $50 each. Not to mention anything extra you might want or need to play the game, Now we have a chance to not only earn that money back but we have a chance to literally earn an income.

Thetan is a mini version of Fornite anf I love it. it's like CHESS but with a little PEW PEW!

They have a referal link but I dont care about that.. I want you download it.. play it get rich and then come make a donation to station for changing your perspective on life, games and crypto. We even talked about it our most recent episode of our podcast

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Free Dwanye Wade NFT

Wednesday, June 1, 2022


Whats up family?!?! Excited to announce a special giveaway courtesy of my bestie @QueenMeladee Do you like NBA Basketball? Do you Know who Dwanye Wade is ?? Do you want your first NFT for FREE?

During our Episode 11 of our new podcast.... Queen Meladee announced that she was giving away her D-Wade aka Flash Top Shot NFT to one of her first 100 followers on instagram. I was so pumped up I joined the party and promised to give her followers one of my Top Shot moments from this years 2022 NBA playoffs.

So that means She will be doing a drawing that gives away 2 Top Shot NFTs away for FREE!

if you dont already have a top shot account CLICK HERE to use my promo link and you will receive an additional $15 for FREE that you can use in the Top Shot marketplace. I have 75 NBA moments... Meladee has 15.... , join the party let us know what you get and try to catch up.

DJ Meladik = @DJ_Meladik
Queen Meladee = @QueenMeladee
Mind of Meladik on Spotify
Mind of Meladik On Apple
Mind of Meladik on Google podcasts

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Introducing 3 Friends Talk Podcast

Sunday, May 15, 2022


What's Family.... hope everyone is having a blessed sunday and enjoying the weekend. Just had to take a few moments to blog about our new friends and their awesome podcast. As you all know Queen Meladee and I have created a new podcast where we talk about bitcoin, life event and more. While networking we came across these 3 amazing women that have taken their friendship to a whole new level and even created an quality podcast of their own.

3 Friends Talk features a few lovely, smart and funny ladies who all happen to friends and working in the medical field. During the pandemic they found the time to introduce us and many others to an abundance of quality health info. The podcast is extremely funny and informative and we strongly suggest you give a listen when you have the chance.

Here are a few link to follow and support these awesome women.

3 Friends Talk podcast on Google

3 Friends on Twitter

3 Friends on Facebook

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1 Million in Crypto Stolen

Friday, April 22, 2022

 It took me roughly 6 months to have to nerve to share this incident on my blog. It's a true story and it really hit me hard. Hopefully sharing with my readers and listeners can help prevent others from becoming the victim. At he end of the day I truly believe Binance Smart Chain s and trust Wallet stole my crypto.

After learning what Trust wallet is meant to be, I grew extremely excited to have a completely decentralized wallet. Incase you don't know... Trust wallet is created, owned and operated by Binance. The Trust wallet is very much similair to using a metamask wallet.. except intended to use on the Binance  Smart Chain.

Setting up a Trust wallet does not require any personal information. Not name, No email, No phone and No Social security number. I knew the risks of using a wallet like this but the worst did happen and I have to share it with you all.

Shortly after learning how to use the wallet i began to target new coins that had yet to go mainstream or be added to the major defi exchanges. I had some success but when I rolled those profits over into a coin called Infinite X, I lost it all. The INX coin was well under a dollar and I was able to get roughly 970 Million tokens. Almost a billion!

the next day the coin pumped and my wallet was loaded and I wanted to lighten to the load. After getting the alert I got online ASAP  to cash out my coins only to and realized that all my coins were gone.

Well not all just the  millions of INFINITE X!!

I freaked out, cried and went numb. I googled ways to find out how or why they got my coins and i found out all the transactions on the Binance Smart Chain are public record and visible on BSCAN. There is was... a record of what happened to my coins. It looked like something far past my experience level and I had no way to reverse it or prevent it from happening again.

\I contacted support for TRUST wallet via email plus sent screenshost and transaction info. They replied with an automated message and made no attempt to resolve the matter or review it further to prevent it from happening again. Prior to the theft I always recieved alerts to approve the transaction, but Iwas never sent any alerts of these transactions. Combine that with the Lack of effort and the fact no one had my seed words... I believe Binace.US and TRUST wallet are both in on the scam. 

I have never had this problem anywhere else. Not with any DEFI or any Traditional banks. I have never lost my facebook login, I have never even lost a wallet since the 1st and only time I lost my wallet in 4th grade. This was the biggest loss of my life and there was not a single thing I could do to help myself.

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