Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Meeting Author Major C.B. Read

Its doesn't matter if your into podcasts, books or even movies.... you have to admit that you and everyone else loves a good story. Netflix, Pluto, Tubi, HBO MAX and the growth of hundreds of others streaming apps prove even technology has a hard time keeping up. We have Spotify for podcasts, Kindle or Amazon for books and almost anything or everything can be found on Youtube. There is so much out there it's very common for us to scroll by a classic and not even know it. So I just had to take the time today to share an Amazon hidden gem you don't want to overlook.

The Book, " In Satan's Pocket " is a short novel by Major C.B. Read. This tale is based on a true story and inspired by the actual events surrounding the tragic final voyage of the Golden Venture. A captivating adventure leaving scars of darkness the snakeheads would wish they could forget. Human trafficking, murder, and revenge inevitably shipwrecked not only the villainous Captain but also the enormous 44' vessel under his command. It's only 88 pages which happens to be perfect time spent for today's readers. It's more than affordable.. costing less than a cup at Starbucks and its written well enough for the book have five stars on all platforms.

The Author of " In Satan's Pocket", Major C.B. Read is a retired Veteran of the US Air Force. While serving, the Major was referred to as a "Mustang", meaning he was the rare breed of those who enlisted and rose through the ranks to become a Commissioned Officer. Major Read also served as Lieutenant in the Coast Guard and as Assistant Chief of Police at Sea Gate New York Police Department giving him plenty real life experiences to draw from when writing a novel. I can only imagine the real life horror stories but I am even more intrigued to hear the simple dumbfounded comical side to being the lead in so many scenarios. I bet The Major has enough real life experiences to inspire dozens of novels. 

Major Read has also published a few "How to" books for specialists in the field of security and safety, tactical book for professionals hoping to gain an edge in their field. When he is not writing, The Major is enjoying his retirement with his wife Alice and their rescue dog Hope in the Hilton Head area of South Carolina. Often reminiscing on the path his life has taken. Charlie has come a long way since his childhood days looking up to The Cowboy Roy Rogers. Nowadays the memories are enjoyed with the Misses over fine dining and vintage wine, basking in the sun and waiting for the right words to write the final chapters of his happy ending.

I hope you all take the time to check out the Major's Book, "In Satan's Pocket" definitely belongs on your shelf. If you can't afford it now or don't have the time today, bookmark it and it too your wish list. When you do have the chance to get your copy, get a second one and gift it to someone that might enjoy a good under the radar novel. Your not just supporting an aspiring author but your also supporting a United States Veteran

Watch YouTube Documentary on the Golden Venture

Friday, April 5, 2024

Tranquil Earth Alliance presents Moving Fast

It's always exciting to announce when we have a new sponsor for our radio station but when that new connection translates into helping others around the globe,  it means hits different. Life is Hard and even earth's best have their bad days. Which is why Melodic Playground Radio has a focus to be a beacon of light for anyone going through a dark time. Our radio station is open for anyone trying to tell their story. Open to anyone trying to start their life over. Anyone that needs a friend, part time job or just some simple life advice. When you put forth positive energy, you usually get positive results and our newest sponsorship reaching out to us is an example of how certain roads are suppose to cross paths. Certain networks are meant to collaborate, which is Melodic Playground Radio is proud to announce our new partnership with the Tranquil Earth Alliance.

The purpose of the Tranquil Earth Alliance (TEA) is to inspire change and nurture connections. The global vision is to create peace with a sustainable future for our children. While working on securing non-profit business sanctions, the Tranquil Earth Alliance has produced a new book titled Moving Fast, authored by DeAngelo Capone with hope of giving troubled souls around the globe an outlet for coping. Teaching how to engage in community growth promoting mental health strengthening exercises for all ages.

Moving Fast is a 20 week course. Fast is actually an acronym for Friends Against Street Terrorism. The lessons taught can give perspective to a seasoned law enforcement officer, troubled youth or an incarcerated hopeful focused on reform. Wisdom and perspective can make us all better citizens and looking around we can see all of our communities have room for improvement. Moving Fast is currently available on Amazon and also available in Paperback.

Its a positive message, a much needed movement and overall something that deserve a little support. Melodic Playground is extremely grateful to have a sponsorship of this nature and buckled in for the journey ahead. One could say the movement is right up Meladik's Alley, trying to make the world a better place through music, art, peace and knowledge. If anyone can relate to having second chances ... it me! We all know what it's like making the wrong turn at the fork in the road and the consequences but just like any OG, father or mentor DeAngelo Capone and DJ Meladik want to help you to learn from our experiences, setbacks and comebacks.


Moving F.A.S.T. – Friends Against Street Terrorism