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Web Design Service Now Available

First things First... I have to announce loud and clear, I am not a professional Web Designer. I never went to school for design, never took a coding class and I really don't care too. I have found a loop hole hack for building websites that not only saves me time and money but it's also very very S.E.O. and Google friendly. My way of building websites is easier, quicker and when I am done it will take me literally an hour to show you how to manage your site, eliminating the hassle , stress and costs of dealing with your typical web designers.

The reality is I can build your site in less than 24 hours but I can not offer that type of time frame because I will have my own life, business, family and others customers to handle. So for now I am offering a 3 week turn around, guaranteeing that your purchase for web design will be delivered in 3 weeks or less.

You purchase includes the design of a interactive and functioning website that will host traffic with an objective for sales, leads, fans, etc. The Website design will be formatted to appeal to your niche, market and brand.

Your website will have all the features and functions of www.MELODICPLAYGROUND.com give or take. So your expectation should be something similar but with different graphics, colors, theme, etc. You do not need to pay for hosting before or after hiring me, I have found a way to eliminate that cost as well. All you need to do is purchase your website domain address from Go Daddy and we are good to go.

there will be an additional graphic design fee fro any company that does not provide a company logo.

MELADIK web design services are available for $200.00 flat. There are no up sales, No extra fee and No charges to make updates. You purchase not only includes a tutorial lesson teaching you how to manage your new site but also technical support for a full year after you purchase 


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