About Me

Hello Everybody... I am DJ Meladik... the founder of Melodic Playground. This is my very own musical theme park and each of you have been granted a ride thru the mind of Meladik. I will not only share my original , custom exclusive music that produce but i will also take time to share the music, artists and bands that have and continue to inspire me.

I wont be alone! I plan on bringing family, friends, fellow musicians, entrepreneurs and many more along for the ride.The theme park will only get bigger as I continue to grow, create and share. Not only will i have my blog and social media channels but i am also launching my very own internet radio station.

Melodic Playground Radio will be broadcasting 24 hours... playing music that I own, produce and create. I will advertise local small business', support local athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs and anyone or anything that inspires me or my community

2020 was a wild year but I survived and the year made me better, stronger and reminded me of who I really am. 2020 drove me to get back into making music, doing what i love and 2021 arrives I embark on the next chapter of ME.... Melodic Playground and it feels great!

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