Saturday, July 3, 2021

Happy Boy Bergers is Now Open for Business

The Inland Empire has a new Burger I mean we have a new King of Burgers... or should I say the Master Jedi that has everyone is licking their lips asking for a second serving... and I even saw one of our former classmates ask on Instagram if he could pay Tuesday for a Berger today. Yupp it's that good! Got them out here trying to finance a patty lol must be the secret sauce lol

I met the creator of HappyBoy Bergers "Paul" my sophomore year in high school and we have been brothers ever since. The man is cooler than a Dazed and Confused Matthew Mcconaughey and there is nothing cooler than a Star Wars nerd having the idea of starting his own business providing Dinner and Movie to his community and turning it into a reality.

He isn't just SpongeBob with the Spatula.... I have personally given this man my vote for "Father of The Year" on several occasions and I am extremely proud of the man he has become. It is an honor to be able to share and support such a good man, trying to create his own small business.

So if you are in the Inland Empire looking to BOOK a POP-UP please feel free to contact Paul on instagram @HappyBoyBerger I know that someday in the near future we will be trying to hire him for a Melodic Picnic.... until then... don't forget tune in to Melodic Playground Radio, broadcasting 24 hours a day... Much Love Fam!!!!!!!

************************ UPDATE ********************************
HanSolo Bergers has changed names..... 

Paul decided to go with an idea and logo that is obviously inspired by his son Zack

check out the new logo and make sure to follow the small business happyboybergers 

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