Wednesday, March 10, 2021

DJ Meladik joins the Doge Coin Army

 Over the last few months I have been going down rabbit hole after rabbit try to understand the stock market and modern economics. I wasn't taught by parents, teachers and I surely don't have a mentor to guide me along the way. It all started after giving my new roommate stock advice for purchasing Draft Kings before the start of the 2020 NFL season. Shortly After I decided to take my own advice but unfortunately... its not as easy as picking stocks of successful companies. There is so much that goes into Wall Street.. and there is So much that is literally changing before our eyes.

I am learning.. sometimes I learn the hard way but I think I have been blessed to finally get my foot in the door as the pandemic and the technological revolution have arrived simultaneously. The market has been so volatile the past 15 months that even a beginner like me can make money targeting the right dips but I wasn't happy with the crumbs... I want the hole cookie.. I'm hungry and have a vision for the future but before I go any further I have to announce loud and clear!

I grew up thinking I was going to be John Conner and save the world from these robots.... So this extremely difficult for me to accept. 12 years ago I refused to but $50 worth of bitcoin and the other day my eyes watered thinking about it. Even just 3 months ago I was rejecting the idea of crypto currency but it wasn't until I began to understand Block Chain Technology that I began to TRUST the ideal.

I wont lie.. after Elon Musk converted 1.5 billion of Tesla's Money into Bitcoin I had to act before I got left behind.

Last Monday I physically bumped into a digital Bitcoin dispenser and just a few days later it was announce that Doge coin will be added to the digital dispenser. It that wasn't motivating enough... Mark Cuban declared that all Dallas Mavericks, tickets, concessions and merchandise can now be purchased with Doge Coins. Snoop Dogg even joined the army tweeting to Elon Musk the coolest meme ever.

I don't have extra money. So I have been using all my tips from my clients to invest on Robin Hood , TD Ameritrade, Etc. The bottom line is, if i can afford to do it... you can too. You Should! I have been telling friends... family, clients and even told a few strangers but realized I had to slow down because for the most part I am just wasting my breath. No one takes Financial advice from a scrub like me. So I decided to post it here, to document the biggest "I told You So" in history. 

With that being said I will leave you with one final image... A screen shot of my 1st Doge Coin purchase which is probably less than most of you spend on weed and beer. Do the math with me!

$300 @ 0.05cents per coin = 6,000 Doge Coins
if it goes to $1.00 it turns into $6,000 
if it goes to $10.00 it turns into $60,000
if it goes to $100.00 it will be a $600,000 return

None of you Got me a present for My Birthday LOL so consider it this way... in 2021 I am letter you spend y present money on yourself LOL but when Doge Coin goes to the moon you better get me something nice LOL maybe i should add a donation button for those of you that TRULY appreciate my advice. Nevertheless .... DJ Meladik did it... and of course Im going to share with my Melodic Playground network. Much Love Fam! GOOD LUCK!


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