Thursday, February 2, 2023

Pure Bred Rottweilers

Welcome back loved ones. It's been awhile but Queen Meladee and I finally finished the new recording studio Downtown Riverside. We are ready to interview local artists, athletes and small business spotlights. Today I wanted to introduce you to our newest friends on my blog because I just couldn't wait for the podcast interview.

I found out one of Queen Meladee's friends has a local family owned business and I thought it would be perfect to share it with my network and community. Von Ed Hause Rottweilers specializes in pure breed puppies. So often you hear horror stories about a family getting a puppy for Christmas only to find the puppy unhealthy or even stolen. So I am excited to share with everyone a safe, legal and local family company you can trust. If you are looking for a Rottweiler, you have to consider our friends.

These pups are pure, AKC tested, legal and registered. Cared for properly with the passion each pup deserves. We talked about the Family business on the most recent episode of our podcast. Feel free to follow Von ED Hause or use the contact info below and don't forget to Check out episode 26 until we get a chance to interview the company to learn more.

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