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Hey everybody.. this is DJ Meladik and I am very excited to say "Welcome to my Donation Page!"

I wanted to create this page to give each of you an opportunity to show some love and sprinkle me with some crypto. Actually I can accept any type of donation and if you don't have any crypto to donate feel free to click the paypal button so you can donate your local fiat currency. In addition I am more than willing to collaborate, advertise or work for Crypto or Cash in any fashion possible.

Aside from being a foster child that has survived to become a father of 3 aiming toward buying his own home... I think this blog, radio station and podcast provide several reasons to put a couple pennies in the tip jar.

First of all the music is Free to stream All Day, 24 hours a day. It's all original music that I created, music I  own and it's exclusive to as you will not hear it anywhere else.

Secondly .... the new podcast featuring Queen Meladee is full of useful crypto and stock advice!!! The podcast is very entertaining as I share my life stories and soon we will share more about the community, local business and mnore.

The most important reason you might want to consider donating is Karma! You know you Tipped the pretty waitress or bartender way more lol #JustSaying

Over the past few weeks  I have learned a lot going down the rabbit hole, which created a sense of urgency and lead to me share this "New to Me" information with everyone. I told my clients, My friends... and I even told my Ex girlfriend, .. Almost everyone of them looked at me like I was smoking crack..... and that hurt! During this process I realized that nobody had tried to help me learn about crypto and those that I was trying to help were refusing to accept it.

So instead of wasting my breath and feeling that heartbreak when it's rejected, I figured the best thing to do is share this info with the Melodic Playground Network... those of you who actually care about me, my music, my goals and my station. So if you are reading this either your really supportive... you believe in me ... or you got lucky and stumbled upon this page because google indexed a few popular keywords lol

Regardless of why your here... I have faith that you will come back one day and make a donation to reward me for the good music, the good info I'm sharing or even for just trying to be a good person.

The best part about documenting my journey is that in a few weeks, months or years we can all look back to see the progress. We will all be able to see how the station and brand grows but eventually you will all see that I was on to something special, way before everyone else... and I was generous enough to share it with my Melodic Family for FREE

So if you learn something.. or hear it here first,.. do the right thing and reward the DJ that is doing all the leg work for you and helping you get pointed in the right direction. Please just try to remember my broke ass if you get rich off this seed I'm planting in your head. Most of you have way more to invest than me and more importantly most of you have more money to "protect" than me....  don't let Karma play the villain by forgetting where you might be without this knowledge.....?  Instead, keep the Karma moving by Paying it Foward!

Please Look at the list below. If there is a form of currency or crypto not listed that you prefer to use please email me at .............TO THE MOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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