Saturday, August 19, 2023

Veteran Rockers Podcast

Today I wanted to share a new podcast that could help you unwind after a long day. Maybe on the ride home from work, while cooking a well deserved dinner or while soaking in the long overdue jacuzzi. I know what its like. I'm a little overwhelmed myself... trying to grow a podcast, build an internet radio station, manage my clients, artists, kids and more. That is exactly why I am taking the time today to let you know about another podcast worth listening to.

The Veterans Rockers Podcast is a nostalgic breath of fresh air. Hosted and narrated by Mike Fox the podcast focuses on Classic Rockers we not only remember but yearn to know more about. Mike talks about their wild stories, famous cuts, b-sides and new unheard tracks. 

We liked the podcast so much Queen Meladee and I mentioned the podcast in Episode 33 of our very own podcast. So if you are already caught up with the Mind of Meladik podcast and you have time for another awesome upload... we encourage the real ones to go check out and support the Veterans Rockers Podcast. It's Exclusively on Spotify and you must be a Spotify Premium Members to listen to the whole episode. Thats how you know its special. Maybe even good enough for a podcast of the year nomination. Don't forget to tell them who sent ya, we are trying to get on their Christmas list HaHaHa.

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