Saturday, September 9, 2023

Love and Race Cars


We all need love and we all deserve it but finding it can become a very testing journey. No one wants to be alone and being single might be one of the hardest things to cope with in life. However having the right person by your side can turn the darkest nights into the brightest days. 

There is a person out there for you but you will not find that person without effort. Luckily for singles technology has made it easier, safer and cheaper to look for love in all the wrong places.

Luckily for Car Lovers, we found the right place for you! Thats right! Love and Race Cars is the only dating app that connects Car enthusiasts with matches guaranteed to have something in common. No matter who you match with you can rest assure they would love a road trip. drive in movie or seeing a car show.

The app is now available for download in your favorite app store. It's brand new so that means less competition. The app is free, your already ready to break the ice.... lol .... just take about cars lol! The stars are finally aligned for you, all you have to swipe right , shoot your shot and don't blow it! 

Dating Apps really do work! Queen Meladee and I actually met on a dating App and less than 2 years later we have grown into podcasts partners and so much more. We would love to hear about your connections and all of you are invited to share your story on our podcast, especially if you match on Love and Race Cars since we shined the spotlight on them in episode 34 of our podcast.

Download the app, find them online on facebook or instagram, remember it's free and if your single you might as well spin the wheel of fortune and get your heart racing again. Just don't forget to invite us to the wedding!