Sunday, January 7, 2024

B Dope Water Supports Mental Health Awareness


I love Water! I work hard and workout even harder. Having enough water to get through the day is always a priority.  So it is no surprise why I am super excited to announce the newest sponsor for my podcast. The podcast was already cool but now we can finally call it Dope!

B-Dope Water is the newest sponsor of the Mind of Meladik podcast. Created for Misfits just like me B-Dope Water is the only company in it's industry that prides itself on promoting Mental Health Awareness while putting people over profits. B-Dope encourages each of us to reach our potential and strive to be the best we can be.

B-Dope Water is an American born Small Business founded in Detriot MI that is focused on affecting the world in a positive way. Helpful podcasts, Uplifting T-shirts, clean great tasting water and the right team to make a difference B-Dope Water is more than just H20!

Queen Meladee and I talked about how Dope our new sponsors are on episode 35 of our podcast. Happy to share our network with such an awesome small business and blessed to have their support along our journey. We encourage all of you to show your love and support, drop a retweet, share a bottle of water or get some new merch to spread the word. It really is a vibe and having a Dope energy to start the day can make a difference for you and your community. 

Don't forget to check out the links below to show your support Be Good and Be Dope!