Monday, April 1, 2024

Upcoming Producer Ascend has Mixed Bag

Riverside stand up! It's been awhile since the city has had something worth bragging about but when the pack is this loud you know it's time to tap in. Finding a real Hip Hop project in 2024 has us wearing hard hats like gold miners. Thankfully local producer Ascend has the motive to lift us up. 

The Mixed Bag Mixtape is a vibe of nostalgia, throw back music that sonically fuels real hip hop fans. The project was recorded in Riverside, California at Lockout Studios and the mixtape production is flawless. Asend is a professional beat thumber and worked hard to deliver something the Inland Empire would be proud of. Cooking up a special recipe for hungry hip hop heads Asend linked up with executive producer Draz and The Coolest off Cactus Productions to make sure every beat and bar was extra saucy.

Five star beats, Five star production and Five Star Lyrics taking our vibes on carpet rides that leave us wanting more. I can't help but think this mixed bag is barely opening the door, a volume 2 has to be in the works... Hip Hop deserves at least one run back. However it will be kind of hard top! This pack is loud with flavors from local legends like Demrick and Noa James mixed with some stanky vapors from rising stars Jae Harp and Cam Gnarly.  

My favorite track on the mixtape is track 2, Motives featuring XFREDO. The instrumental and vocal production on Motives immediately resonated with my spirit. The wordplay, lyrics and delivery is hard felt and listening to the hook on a track like this can be therapeutic for a soul like mine. Same could be said for track 7, Blink featuring Cashius Green and Jae Harp. Blink is my 2nd favorite joint from this pack. It starts off with a perfectly produced vibe with frequencies that remind me of the old school goodie mob sound I loved growing up in the 90s. Overall I think I give the project two thumbs up and I could see Blue June Tuesday featuring Josh Dominquez sneaking into the mainstream and making some serious waves so I want to do my part to help create awareness for these amazing artists.

The whole project is fresh, even the flyer looks a bag you just coped from the dispensary. Back in the day a project like this would have done Master P numbers, out the trunk in these SoCal streets. Today it's all online and the whole Squad needs you to show your love on Spotify, Apple etc.

Check out the links below to find Mixed Bag on your favorite platform.

Mixed Bag on Youtube

Mixed Bag on Spotify

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