Friday, July 30, 2021

Princess Rayleen is All Grown Up


Ten Years ago I tried to inspire my daughter by helping her turn one of her passions into her own company, brand and network. It didn't last long and Princess Rayleen never broke the sales button.... but she was inspired and eventually she did accomplish the goal of paying for college. 

That's Right! College is Paid for! While many students were having a hard time adapting to learning during the pandemic.... My princess pencil whipped the her way to a FULL SCHOLARSHIP, so That means No life crippling student loans and that means she is now the most accomplished scholar in here family.
Long before the pandemic Rayleen was social distancing and focused on grades. I will never forget the time she choose not to go her school's football game because her friends wanted to smoke weed. She even disowned those same friends from elementary school because " They chose weed, over her". Ironically.... or fittingly, She is going to college but they are not.

In an attempt to equate the value of Rayleen's effort it's safe to say she has paid for education valued at well over $100,000. that alone is more than any parent could ask for but Rayleen has also been working a local restuarant for the past few months. Recently she did over 40 hours per week and got a $1,000 pay check. The young woman has over $5,000 saved already.... with still a month to go before she turns 18. Not birthday money, not graduation money.... hard earned working in the food service industry.

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking proud of this lady and I cant explain how important it is for her little brothers to have such an amazing role model. Good Luck Rayleen's an honor and blessing to see the princess all grown up.

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