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Draftkings NFT Reignmakers


Most are you who actually follow my blog or podcast know by now that I own shares in Draftkings. I begun a Roth IRA and DKNG is my #1 holding. I have been playing fantasy sports for almost a decade and I see how much rake Draftkings makes everyday. I thought $30 a share was a great deal and knew I was right when it spiked to $60 before the recent crash. The stock prices are even cheaper now and may drop even further due to the economy. However the best time to buy is when blood is in the streets and even with the pandemic, economy, war... etc DKNG has showed that it is going to continue to make money. The recent addition to the Draftkings platform should help propel these company to S&P 500.

DraftKings took the new technology idea known as Non Fungable Tokens ( NFT)  and combined it with Fantasy Football, so you can now compete in DFS with your NFTs. Your first core pack is FREE. Thats right!, as long as you have a Draftkings account your first pack is free. After you open your pack you analyze your team and figure out a way to make it better. You can rip open brand new packs or you can purchase players on the marketplace.

Collect as many players as you can. Build as many teams as you can. There is no entry fee for the fantasy football contests, your card is your entry fee and your only allowed to enter one contest with each card. Each week DK will feature over a million in cash and prizes so use your cards accordingly.

I already play DFS ... and I have collected a few NFT's so I am extremely excited to be an early adopter of this new game. Im hoping being early enough gives me an edge but at the end of the day we know what could happen any given sunday. Check back in with me in a few months and we can evaluate my progess.

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