Monday, August 29, 2022

Get Well Meladee


Its been almost 3 months since Meladee was herself. it really started early June but it wasn't until June 23rd that I first took her to the hospital. Meladee had actually taken a day off from work to go visit the county clerk's office and get our official business licsense. Instead we ended up at Kaiser Urgent Care in Riverside.

I waited patiently in the lobby while Meladee went to the back with the nurse, she came out shortly and The 1st trip to urgent care concluded with the Doctors diagnosing her with Migraines and a prescription for Triptan. They didnt test her for preganancy, they didnt test her for std's, they didnt even test her for covid. It felt like the fast food version of health care.

 The 2nd trip to hospital had similiar results but with a different diagnosis of sinus infection and for some reason they still didnt test her for covid, std's or pregnancy. The 3rd visit ended up with a covid diagnosis and Meladee spent the time at her mom's house on bed rest... taking way too many pain killers for the body aches. The 4th visit was said to be long term covid.

It wasnt until the 5th trip to the hospital that the doctors begun to actually be concerned and finally that gave her other tests such as an MRI. however the first MRI didnt reveal anything.. it was the 6th trip, 2nd MRI and the 7th diagnosis when the medical staff begun to understand her medical condition.

Meladee has a fungus in her brain. it undetermined how or when she contracted it but it has cause her to lose brain function, her vison and the ability to even walk straight. Its killing me emotionally... and could literally be killing her. Trying to survive life, her family and this stress has been a difficult and heart breaking journey and I dont know if we are going to make it. At this point  her health is the most important thing and im trying to be there for her.

I talked about it in recent episodes of the podcast... AJ made a guest appearance to TRY and fill Meladee's void but things are not the same without the Queen. Check out the episode and stay tuned for more updates. Stay up and be safe!

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