Friday, April 22, 2022

1 Million in Crypto Stolen

 It took me roughly 6 months to have to nerve to share this incident on my blog. It's a true story and it really hit me hard. Hopefully sharing with my readers and listeners can help prevent others from becoming the victim. At he end of the day I truly believe Binance Smart Chain s and trust Wallet stole my crypto.

After learning what Trust wallet is meant to be, I grew extremely excited to have a completely decentralized wallet. Incase you don't know... Trust wallet is created, owned and operated by Binance. The Trust wallet is very much similair to using a metamask wallet.. except intended to use on the Binance  Smart Chain.

Setting up a Trust wallet does not require any personal information. Not name, No email, No phone and No Social security number. I knew the risks of using a wallet like this but the worst did happen and I have to share it with you all.

Shortly after learning how to use the wallet i began to target new coins that had yet to go mainstream or be added to the major defi exchanges. I had some success but when I rolled those profits over into a coin called Infinite X, I lost it all. The INX coin was well under a dollar and I was able to get roughly 970 Million tokens. Almost a billion!

the next day the coin pumped and my wallet was loaded and I wanted to lighten to the load. After getting the alert I got online ASAP  to cash out my coins only to and realized that all my coins were gone.

Well not all just the  millions of INFINITE X!!

I freaked out, cried and went numb. I googled ways to find out how or why they got my coins and i found out all the transactions on the Binance Smart Chain are public record and visible on BSCAN. There is was... a record of what happened to my coins. It looked like something far past my experience level and I had no way to reverse it or prevent it from happening again.

\I contacted support for TRUST wallet via email plus sent screenshost and transaction info. They replied with an automated message and made no attempt to resolve the matter or review it further to prevent it from happening again. Prior to the theft I always recieved alerts to approve the transaction, but Iwas never sent any alerts of these transactions. Combine that with the Lack of effort and the fact no one had my seed words... I believe Binace.US and TRUST wallet are both in on the scam. 

I have never had this problem anywhere else. Not with any DEFI or any Traditional banks. I have never lost my facebook login, I have never even lost a wallet since the 1st and only time I lost my wallet in 4th grade. This was the biggest loss of my life and there was not a single thing I could do to help myself.

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