Friday, June 10, 2022

Thetan Arena vs Fortnite


If your a gamer, crypto nerd or just trying to dabble in NFTs, you are going to love this post. If you happen to fall in all 3 categories then you better make a donation of add me to the Christmas list because this is the type of info that could change your life. NFTs are the talk of the Blockchain. Crypto is changing the world and now matter what happens gamers want to game.

For me it started with pacman, pong, donkey kong and it grew into Sonic, Madden and then came Fornite in 2017. After listening to Dan Patrick take about Lebron James staying up all night to play the same Game my son was raving about.... I had to give it shot. Instantly I was hooked. It literally is like Hunger Games and ever since finding the game I have dreamed about the opportunity to play a virtual reality version with real money on the line.

We are not quite there but we have taken the next sgtep and everyday we are getting closer to my dream becoming a reality. Today we have Blockchain NFT Play to Earn games like Thetan Arena that give us an opportunity to earn real assets while playing a video game you love.

Millions around the globe currently own various Fortnite in game items like Skins, Gliders and even special dance moves. On the block chain these same in game items are called NFTs and digital assets. Unlike Fortnite where Epic games refuses to allow gamers to resale these in game items... block chain games like Thetan Arena allow you to not only earn these NFTs and Crypto but additional rewards that have a real life monetary value.

We all know most video games cost close to $50 each. Not to mention anything extra you might want or need to play the game, Now we have a chance to not only earn that money back but we have a chance to literally earn an income.

Thetan is a mini version of Fornite anf I love it. it's like CHESS but with a little PEW PEW!

They have a referal link but I dont care about that.. I want you download it.. play it get rich and then come make a donation to station for changing your perspective on life, games and crypto. We even talked about it our most recent episode of our podcast

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