Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Catching up with AR Base

Its been a long time since I have seen AR but he was the first artist I reached out to since launching Melodic Playground. I want this Radio Station and Website to be motivational and uplifting and I think AR as person and as an artist fits that criteria perfectly. I first met the soft spoke Christian over 15 years ago while were coworkers at a local telemarketing agency. We had a lot in common as we both believe in a higher power, both aspiring artists and as almost 2 decades have passed I thought it would be a good chance to catch up with AR by interviewing him for my blog. Maybe after Covid clears up we can sit down for a Youtube interview but this time around I had a few questions he was kind of to answer for me.

#1 My first question today is where were you born and where did you grow u?

AR: I was born in Lagos. Even though I have lived most of my life in the United States, my growth as an artist and individual which is diverse is from being influenced by the awesome elements in Africa, the United States and The UK, whilst always appreciating all cultures.

#2 as a child what did you dream about growing up to become? 

AR: Soccer Player, Artist. 

 #3 how old were you when you recorded you first song, what was it called? 

AR: The 1st song I recorded was called “Breath of Life”, and I was 16 when I recorded it. 

 #4 If you cold choose just one of yours songs for the entire world to hear what would be it be?

AR: Especially with what going on now with the covid, it would be my song “No Plague” 

 #5 Do you have any new music coming out that we can share with the network?

AR: I have a new song that drops on valentines this 2021 that is a Chill Hip Hop/RNB Song that is about Loving God that called “When You Loved” by AR Base, that I would be very glad to share. 

 #6 Randomly I would like to know... if God gave you the ability to change civilization... what is the one thing you would change to improve this planet.

AR: Simply put Love, It would be to encourage people to love and show kindness to people that you don’t know personally, and not to be unkind or other people because they are unique or think differently. 

 #7 finally my last question today is for all the starving artist out there with a dream.... can you give some quick advice for the dreamers out there chasing their goals.

AR: Both success and failure can happen in a moment even though it didnt take a moment to create both situations. Its best to always focus on taking just the next step forward and not 4 steps in a bid to copy someone else or you will fall, but once you keep on taking steps one by one, one day you will make it and it would seem like it happened overnight. 

Big SHOUT OUT to AR BASE for taking the time to answer my questions. It was awesome catching up with you. I hope everyone takes the time to check out his new single on spotify, apple or wherever you tune in. Show some love and find AR on social media.... much better follow than most of the characters out there. Until the next time ... Much Love Fam!

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